Pickup made easy



Curbside order pickup on the fly.

1. Customer places order

Customer places order using your existing commerce or fulfillment system and selects Curbside Pickup.

2. Customer picks up with FlyBuy

Customers only share their location when they have an active order.

3. Inbound customers appear on Dashboard

Milestones, messages, and events are easily configurable. Employees are notified of inbound customers and events through a Dashboard.

FlyBuy is already integrated with many popular POS and ecommerce platforms, and simple APIs are available to integrate with your backend system.

iOS and Android SDKs can be easily integrated with your mobile apps to add FlyBuy capability and whitelabel the experience.

Events can be delivered to your fulfillment system through our API. Employees can be notified through push messages or text messages.

Increase the speed of curbside and in-store pickup

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce in-store congestion

Faster, easier, better pickup.

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